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Cyprus: The German Checkmate

Many talking heads have not slept a wink or a minute in their effort to wax endlessly on the Cyprus conundrum . They point out endlessly that this could lead to runs on the banks throughout southern Europe and that this would hit Russian money the most.
In truth, I say to you, listen not to these useful fools of the Prince of Lies. While they give you a few ounces of truth, they sell you tons of lies to lead you into the fog and away from the truth of what you are witnessing and it is something much much worse than what they are proposing.
The truth of this move by Brussels, in other words by the Franco-Prussian alliance, is much more sinister and much more Byzantine. Let us explore.
We are told that the majority of the money here is Russian. That is not the truth. Russian monies are over $40 billion but are mostly tied to companies not individuals, though those are not in short supply either, but the biggest investors are the British who have over $120 billion in Cyprus. So on one level this a Eurobank move to close down a perfect off shore and push out not only the external competitor Russia but also the more dangerous internal competitor the UK. 
For Russia, in all truth, this is not a disaster, it is a small gift, though it was never meant to be such. President Putin has long been talking about repatriating the various off shore funds, however, no one knew how to do it. Enter the Franco-Prussians.
Russia is not react loudly not because it is weak or because some oligarchs are taking out hits on EU officials, though this last can not be rules out when people lose hundreds of millions of dollars to government and banker thieves.  Contrare, the Russian government is quite happy with this theft and the higher corporate taxes. While not all the money will return, a large portion will and the outflow to Cyprus and the rest of Europe, which can equally be hit with the same out and out theft, will slow. Indeed Europeans will look to Russia as well as the usual US and UK safe havens. 
On top of this, Russia is now seen as the hero and Orthodox brother of Cyprus for its various loans and the EU and the Germans in particular, as the enemy. The crowds standing outside the Cypriot parliament are waving Russian flags.
A win-win for a relatively small price.
For the Uk, this is only a lose lose as the Franco-Prussians out maneuver them and drive them further out of Europe and thus devaluing the cause of Anglo finance. That the British will seek revenge is a given. That revenge will not be hit contracts, what it will be is the traditional British role in the world. As the UK gets further and further pushed out of direct European politics, they will take up their usual role of spoiler of the peace. The British will move to create strife and cause war.
As for Cyprus, they are screwed regardless. By simply bringing this up for actual and realistic consideration, they have done unrepairable damage to their reputation that will take decades to fix, even as they have refused this blackmail. Of course the vote against was only the first battle and the EU is not done with them yet. Their economy, already damaged is now ruined, and thats exactly how the Franco-Prussians want it.
The roots of their evil runs much much deeper than just theft of bank accounts.
By destroying the credibility of Cyprus, through their puppets, they are making sure that Cyprus will be in to weak a position to grow and profit from the bonanza of gas wealth that is just now being developed. By driving the government and the economy into total ruin, the Franco-Prussians are making sure that they will be in position to become masters of that wealth. They will then attempt to route that gas to themselves and the Turks, thus further driving out the British and their North Seas gas and the Russians from the European market, while making trillions off of their own people.
Further, by leaving the door open to further grabs of depositor cash throughout Southern Europe, they are absolutely guaranteeing bank runs and collapse. But why.
Quite simple, actually.
What they are creating is absolute Ruin in the PIIGS and this is what is desired. The next round of credits will be more of the Greek variety, where Brussels, as the agent of the Franco-Prussians, will take full financial control of those nations, turning them into nothing more than vassals of the reborn Charmlamainian Empire, otherwise known as the Holy Roman Empire,  mark two.
What they are doing is building Fortress Europe, first financially and than soon militarily. The military will be in the guise of keeping peace in the vassal states. They are pushing us Russians, as well as the British, Americans and Chinese out to create their own monopoly, the desires of the slave people's be damned.

 Και ένα ενδιαφέρον σχόλιο, που αξίζει την προσοχή σας.

Blogger Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...
An interesting analysis of events. However, what happens now in Kypros and most of the world of our earth, inner and the surface, is much more than outlined in the article. It is a front clash of the two major power houses on the planet, Black Elite versus the White Elite establishments, that I still like to call the left hand path vs the right hand path. The first being the followers of Lilith (Vampires) vs the second being followers of Satan (Daemons, Illuminati, Lykens)for control of the planet,with the rest of Humanity somewhere in the middle, with the followers of Christ and the Ellines (descendants of the blue giants) being pushed and persecuted and this will continue to their extermination if it would be allowed by God. Russia needs a base and Kypros would be ideal plus Russia could develop one of the fields, have an airport to support the navy and it would be a headache or a thorn on the side of the West. After all even Israel entered into agreements with Russia with respect to developing the new found natural gas in its territory. It sounds easy, but Kypros tries to stay 'neutral' as much as possible, as does Ellas yet they are both tied to the West. Let us not forget that the last prime minister of Ellas Karamanlis , entered into agreement with Russia over the pipeline, he was 'dethroned' and almost lost his life. In the case of Kypros, there's always the threat of another 'Attila Turk' sanctioned by the West as before. 

The Brits, will be fine after all they have the most of their money secured by financing houses, and the Rothschild. The Russians though do not. If a ratio of one to three is accepted then one who has 40 billion can do in Russia what one can do with 120 billion in London. Plus, the Brits still maintain their illegally obtained bases on the island. 

As mentioned correctly, the people of Kyrpos go bankrupt but who cares anyway they are 'Christian Greeks/Ellines' they have to hit on their language, customs, economy, etc (Kissinger)and EU gets the oil and 'independence' from Russia. Russia loses one of the main advantages over EU, energy supply. 

With an impending loss of Syria, Russia loses a foothold and then gets surrounded on the West side with a front line stretching from Africa to the Nordic regions. If Iran falls next, a combined push will come from Turkey, Iran, Afganistan. 

 This will then complete an encirclement of a majority of the most populous and most productive section of Russia, being targeted with missiles by neighboring countries who by the way may have anti-ballistic missiles installed to 'protect' against Iran first and North Korea. 
 The US already moved ABM missiles to Alaska to protect against 'Korea' closing that loophole. 
The Russian bear may find itself surrounded and with loss of its primary current export that is energy...if not careful. But ai am sure your leaders already know all these and have taken or they are taking appropriate steps. A look at the world map suffices. The dynamics of world politics will of course may if WWIII starts.


Ορισμένα αναρτώμενα από το διαδίκτυο κείμενα ή εικόνες (με σχετική σημείωση της πηγής), θεωρούμε ότι είναι δημόσια. Αν υπάρχουν δικαιώματα συγγραφέων, παρακαλούμε ενημερώστε μας για να τα αφαιρέσουμε. Επίσης σημειώνεται ότι οι απόψεις του ιστολόγιου μπορεί να μην συμπίπτουν με τα περιεχόμενα του άρθρου. Για τα άρθρα που δημοσιεύονται εδώ, ουδεμία ευθύνη εκ του νόμου φέρουμε καθώς απηχούν αποκλειστικά τις απόψεις των συντακτών τους και δεν δεσμεύουν καθ’ οιονδήποτε τρόπο το ιστολόγιο.
Ο διαχειριστής του ιστολόγιου δεν ευθύνεται για τα σχόλια και τους δεσμούς που περιλαμβάνει. Τονίζουμε ότι υφίσταται μετριασμός των σχολίων και παρακαλούμε πριν δημοσιεύσετε το σχόλιό σας, έχετε υπόψιν σας τα ακόλουθα:
● Κάθε γνώμη είναι σεβαστή, αρκεί να αποφεύγονται ύβρεις, ειρωνείες, ασυνάρτητος λόγος και προσβλητικοί χαρακτηρισμοί, πολύ περισσότερο σε προσωπικό επίπεδο, εναντίον των συνομιλητών ή και των συγγραφέων, με υποτιμητικές προσφωνήσεις, ύβρεις, υπονοούμενα, απειλές, ή χυδαιολογίες.
● Μην δημοσιεύετε άσχετα, με το θέμα, σχόλια.
● Ο κάθε σχολιαστής οφείλει να διατηρεί ένα μόνο όνομα ή ψευδώνυμο, το οποίο αποτελεί και την ταυτότητά του σε κάθε συζήτηση.
● Με βάση τα παραπάνω η διαχείριση διατηρεί το δικαίωμα μη δημοσίευσης σχολίων χωρίς καμία άλλη προειδοποίηση.
● Επιπλέον σας τονίζουμε ότι το ιστολόγιο λειτουργεί σε εθελοντική βάση και ως εκ τούτου τα σχόλια δημοσιεύονται το συντομότερο δυνατόν, μόλις αυτό καταστεί εφικτό.

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